Machine Reconditioning

Lathes, milling and grinding machines.

Every machine tool reconditioned by us will be delivered with a complete measurement report and supporting documentation. This is one of the advantages of buying from Storebro.

A general overhaul will be conducted as follows: After a status review, a test run and a final check the machine will be disassembled. All parts will be washed and thoroughly cleansed. The machine bed and chest will be reground as well as saddles, cross slides etc. Milling machine tables will be planed. Gibbs, headstocks, tailstocks and slides will be scraped. Teflon or Turcite linings will be relined and scraped.

Headstocks, Norton gearboxes and aprons will be overhauled and equipped with new bearings, bushings and gaskets. Damaged gear wheels or axles as well as worn out ball bearings will be replaced. Table, cross and tailstock screws will also be replaced. The hydraulic and lubrication system will be overhauled. The tailstock will be provided with a new barrel and screws. New spindle bearings will be mounted. Clutches and brakes will be replaced. The machine may be filled and primed prior to a two pack finishing paint being applied. The electrical equipment will be replaced or upgraded. Digital measuring systems (DRO) will be attached. On CNC machines, outdated control systems can be replaced if requested.

Finally, the machine will be reassembled, gauged and a measuring protocol will be issued. The whole procedure will be carried out meticulously, so that no stage or component will be overlooked.

As the aging process may improve the properties of the machine bed, by increasing its firmness and stability, there are a number of advantages in reconditioning a machine. By comparing the purchase cost of a new machine against the cost of reconditioning an old one, there is an estimated cost saving of 50 % or more should you choose to recondition.

In the last 25 years, Storebro has reconditioned more than 800-900 machine tools. Furthermore we offer a wide range of safety guards and other protective devices for your machine tools.